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Orange Orchard Tee - Peachy Pink

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Step into the warmth and vibrancy of a sun-kissed Orange Orchard with our latest creation - the Orange Orchard Tee! Crafted from premium, lightweight fabric, this tee embodies comfort and style in equal measure, promising a feel-good fit for all-day wear. Inspired by the beauty of flourishing orange trees in full bloom, our Orange Orchard Tee features a captivating graphic that transports you to the heart of a citrus haven. With hues reminiscent of a golden sunrise, this design adds a touch of natural beauty to your wardrobe.

Material l  100% Cotton

Color l  Peachy Pink

Fit l Unisex 

Brand l  Comfort Colors® 

Care Instructions l  Machine wash cold inside out, gentle cycle with like colors. Hang to dry.

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