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Orange Faith Tee - Ivory

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  • Orange Faith Tee - Ivory

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Introducing our Orange Faith Tee, a delightful fusion of faith, blessings, and the sweet charm of orchards. Crafted with care and adorned with a vibrant citrus design, this tee serves as a beautiful reminder of the blessings found in every season of life. Inspired by the beauty of a garden in bloom, our t-shirt invites you to embrace faith, praise, and encouragement as you navigate life's journey. Whether you're tending to your garden or simply seeking grace in the world around you, let this shirt uplift your spirits and inspire gratitude for life's abundant blessings. Perfect for gifting as a reminder of faith's enduring presence, our tee is a thoughtful way to spread encouragement and joy. Share the sweetness of faith with loved ones and celebrate the beauty of life's blessings with our Orange Faith Tee.

Material l  100% Cotton 

Color l  Ivory 

Fit l Unisex 

Brand l  Comfort Colors® 

Care Instructions l  Machine wash cold inside out, gentle cycle with like colors

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